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Come see us!

Monday - Friday: 10ish - 7ish
Saturday: 10ish - 5ish
730 Seminole Rd. in Norton Shores
(between Fifth Third Bank and Huntington Bank)
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What's it like in the store?


"Had a great experience at Blended Furniture Market today. Their sales staff was awesome. The right amount of attention combined with no pressure. The furniture is unique - many pieces you wouldn't find elsewhere." Google reviewer

"Not your typical sales crew... they greet you, ask if they can assist but do not hound you, which is great because furniture shopping is stressful enough. Great variety of furniture, great staff, and an enjoyable atmosphere while browsing. Definitely continue to have our business." Google reviewer

"Go there. The furniture is top notch, well made, and decent prices. It's a fun place to be." Google reviewer

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This is who we are:


Simply, we are a local, family business.  We live in Norton Shores/Muskegon.  We know, live and love this community and are so happy to have a presence here.

Many say that they would do anything to make the sale or put the customer first, but that would be the wrong order.  For us, our family comes before business.  Our kids hang out and help out, our dog can usually be seen (and heard) plus, we have lives beyond just work.  That's why our hours say -ish. The -ish is for the grace we may need to close early for a game or concert and for running those errands that always seem to take longer than expected in the mornings.  The -ish also means we are sometimes early and often stay late.


As much as this is a dream come true filled with life, love and laughter, we do not have anything close to perfection.  Our family has been fractured (and mended) through divorce.  We have experienced the losses of a deeply respected & loved father and grandmother.  In the summer of 2015 our son David was tragically killed by a distracted driver. These events greatly altered what our "dreams" were.  


Through it all, we believe that our God is in control and that He loves us all.  Through all our shit, through all our failures. That's AWESOME!  What we do or don't do has no bearing on if we are loved more or less.  It is constant and unchanging.


So, that is the simple version about us.  Thanks for reading.  We all understand the joys and sorrows of what this life is.   Share yours, stop in, friend us on social media.  Let's do this thing together!  


Jason & RandiLynn, Josh, Aliya, Castor and Stuie

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